About Us

GTS is a postgraduate skill-based outfit for all intending geosciences professionals. It is designed to engage participants in scientific practices that will deepen their understanding of the core ideas of the field. The outfit is adopting a practical approach to training and ensuring a direct assessment of participants’ mastery of the various skills as against the current approaches to teaching the nature of sciences in conventional institutions which are often ineffective.
The ever increasing number of unemployed geosciences graduates is not unconnected with the lack of necessary skills and experience after acquiring the basic knowledge in school, hence, the outfit is set to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry by mentoring and offering skill-based training through research, practical and practices to intending professional entrepreneurers in the field of geosciences and related courses.
The outfit is focused on integration of knowledge and skill with experience in scientific practices that ensures the required skills or practices required of all participants to establish themselves by the completion of their training rather than roaming about in search of employement
The society is increasingly relying on the services of geoscientists for energy, fresh water, natural resources and safety from natural hazards, hence the need for well-trained geoscientists with the appropriate competences and skills to meet the requirements of the society.